From Hooves to Highways

J. Wigglesworth, Esq

J. Wigglesworth, Esq.jpg

Perth Gas and Electric Lighting Company manager James Wigglesworth is in the driver’s seat of his 1903 De Dion Bouton, likely in the driveway of his home in Stone Street, South Perth. On his knee is daughter Doreen (3). Younger daughter Leta Amy (1), who died in 1908, is in the back. Judging from the girls’ ages, this photo was taken in late-1907. James Wigglesworth’s wife, Amy Constance nee Allpike, died in February 1906 aged 32, soon after the birth of Leta, and cannot therefore be the woman in the back. It is likely her half-sister Leta Allpike (23) who married James’ brother, Robert, in 1907.