Bon Ton Café
By Ryan Aden and Dave Dowley

Proprietor: J M Lofthouse

Location at time of booklet production (early 1908):
Bon Marche Buildings, 376 Hay Street, Perth.

When did they go into business?
Bon Ton Café was a franchise established by G H Cargeeg in 1898. By 1908 it had three branches; two in Hay Street and one on the corner of Barrack and Wellington Streets. Eventually there were five branches in Perth and one in Bunbury.

What was sold?  
Wedding and birthday cakes, afternoon teas, soups, grills, confectionery and light refreshments, ices and jellies. Balls and parties catered for. “High class” catering service.

When did they go out of business?
In the late 1940s. (See 3rd column, top-ish linked here.) See also this link for the last advertisement on Trove by Bon Ton Café dated 18 March 1947.

Additional links:
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