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James Frederick
By Ryan Aden

Location: 573 Hay Street Perth

What was sold?
J Frederick was a sail and tent maker who saw the potential in using his canvas to extend the life of motor car tyres - “Utilise the old to protect the new!” He also hired and sold waterproof canvas, marquees and flags. More info here: link.

When did they go into business?
From 1895 James Frederick was the foreman to tentmaker Lewis Cameron. When Cameron died in November 1902, James took over the business (and premises, in the old Mechanics’ Institute) immediately, and first appeared in the WA Post Office Directories under his own name in 1903.

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The Daily News, 4 March 1921

When did they go out of business?
James Frederick retired from business in 1918 after the death of his son Louis, also a tentmaker, during WWI in 1917. Family carried on the business until 1920; the last year J Frederick was listed in the WA Post Office Directories, and the last year advertisements were found for the business (in The Sunday Times). He died in February 1921.

About James Frederick
According to his obituary in The Daily News of 4 March 1921, James Frederick was born in Launceston, Tasmania in around 1839. At 36, in 1875, he moved to Victoria, then came to WA with the Gold Rush in 1895, when he was then in his mid 50s, and was foreman to Lewis Cameron. James was married and had a grown family, but lost one son during WWI. In 1902 he appears in the City of Perth Rate Book living at 237 Beaufort St, Perth, but later moved to Rokeby Road, Subiaco. (See this link.) He had reached the great age of 81 when he died on 23 February 1921 at Avondale, his home in Windsor Road, East Fremantle.