Andrew Roche Picture Framer
By Ryan Aden

Location: 733 Hay Street, Perth

What was his business?
Picture and photo framing, plus the sale of art, prints, and picture frames.

When did he go into business?
The first mention of Andrew Roche’s business in newspapers is on 1 December 1907 at 733 Hay Street, Perth, and he appears in the Post Office Directories the next year. The Cyclopedia of Western Australia Vol 1 confirms that, after working for others in the industry, he started his business in 1907. See Trove, 1908 and Cyclopedia.  

When did he go out of business?
Roche’s was bought out by Stein Picture Framing Co c1921, but he stayed on as manager (link). Andrew subsequently went to work for Foy & Gibson in their new framing department (here), but according to the Post Office Directories, later re-established his own business in around 1936.

About Andrew Roche
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1874, Andrew came to Sydney, NSW, as a young man and worked for picture framer Mr D Barnard.

In Rothsea, Scotland, and then in Sydney, Andrew had been a keen and successful sailor, and continued his sailing interests when he came to Perth in the early 1900s. He was Commodore of the Perth Dinghy Club and later, Royal Perth Yacht Club. In 1909 he was fortunate enough to struggle in finding the free time for sailing, when his business became too busy.

“Over 40 years ago Andy Roche was sailing small boats at Rothsea in Scotland, and then migrated to Sydney. There he sailed the 14-footer Shadow and cruisers. Later he transferred to Perth and was one of the founders of the Mount's Bay Club, an early member of the Perth Flying Squadron, and one of the first commodores of the Perth Dinghy Club. With Elma, in 1909, he won the Club championship, the State championship, and the right to represent Western Australia in the Australian dinghy championship in Sydney. There he beat a field of eighteen representatives from Queensland and New South Wales by two minutes to win the Australian title. He joined the Royals in 1911, his first cruiser being the Adelma, purchased after the war by Doug Taylor. The Fleetwing, Waitangai, re-named Adelma, followed; and for the last two seasons he has piloted Eldora.”

The West Australian, 7 November 1933

In 1916 he was prosecuted with breaking a law in regards to the sweeping of footpaths outside shops after 8.15am. See this link.  

Married to Adeline Ellen nee Dew (known as Adelma) in South Australia in 1900, they came to WA where they lived in Coode Street, South Perth. Andrew died in 1966, aged 92, Adelma having predeceased him in 1950, aged 64.

Andrew Roche.JPG
The West Australian, 20 March 1909

The West Australian, 20 March 1909