Perth Motor House
By Ryan Aden

Location: 890 Hay Street, Perth

What was sold?
Cars, cars and more cars! They were the sole agents in Perth for Fiat, Ford, Agyle and Singer motor cars. They serviced and repaired cars and also had cars available for hire.

When did they go into business?
J R Harris and Wentworth John ‘Jack’ Winterbottom went into partnership in Perth Motor House in early 1907. Jack bought him out on 9 December 1907 and for a time, continued trading alone. See this link (under Public Notices). WA motoring pioneer Alf Adams then bought a half share in the business in 1909.

The first advertisement in newspapers is in 1907. The first entry in the Post Office Directories is in 1908.

In 1911 Perth Motor House moved to new premises at 847 Hay Street, just west of His Majesty’s Theatre. Catering to Perth’s theatre-going patrons, Perth Motor House was open each evening, Monday to Saturday, until midnight.

When did they go out of business?
Jack Winterbottom sold Perth Motor House on 1 March 1912 to Grave & Dwyer Motor Company. Graves & Dwyer then traded under their own name, as well as Perth Motor House for a time. See here. The name disappeared in the 1920s. In the 1930s, Winterbottom rather slyly used the name in his advertising: “Perth’s finest motor house, Winterbottom Motor Company.”

Research in Postal Directories:  

1908-1909 - 890 Hay Street, Perth 1908 - 1909   
1910 - 1911 - 888 Hay Street, Perth 1910 - 1911
1912 - new premises at 847 Hay Street, Perth 1912
1922 - 920-922 Hay Street, Perth

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