WA Carriage Works
By Ryan Aden and Dave Dowley

Ernest Grigg Carriage Works.png

Proprietor: Ernest Grigg

Location at time of booklet production (early 1908):
Barrett’s Lane, off 623 Wellington Street, Perth

What was sold?
Motor cars, carriage painting and trimming, animals, wide-tyred tip drays, spring and farm drays, spring and butchers’ carts.
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When did they go into business?
Earliest advertisement found in Trove dated Tuesday 16 March 1897. They used to be also known as Grigg Bros back around the late 1800s, early 1900s. Grigg Bros traded as WA Carriage Works.
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This is the first advertisement changing from Grigg Bros to G E Grigg appeared on Tuesday 6 January 1903. (See link here)

George Edward Grigg, son of George Thomas Grigg (a coachbuilder), lived in Lake Street, North Perth, and the 1910 census indicates he was also a coachbuilder. (See links here and here.)

Tuesday 15 December 1925. Last advertisement found on Trove for Geo. E. Grigg (Coachbuilder) (See link here)

When did they go out of business?
WA Carriage Works went out of business sometime after April 1926, according to the date of the above linked advertisement on Trove.

- there is no listing in the Perth Street Directory under Goderich or Wellington Streets.
1899 - listed in the Post Office Directory on Wellington Street, but between 557 and 691. (See bottom of page 271, 1st column linked here)
1900 - listed in the Post Office Directory at 631 Wellington Street. (See last page, last column, bottom and linked here)
1902 - listed in the street directory between 557 and 689 Wellington Street. (See 3rd column, midway linked here)
1903 - listed between 557 and 691 Wellington Street. (See last column, midway linked here)
1904 - on Wednesday 21 December 1904, Mr Chas Sommers led a clearing sale of the coachbuilder and blacksmith's plant, buildings for removal etc, at WA Carriage Works on Murray Street East, on account of Mr P Hanratty, who retired from business. (See last column, midway down linked here)
1904-1906 - not listed
1907 - listed at 631 Wellington Street under the name W A Carriage Works, E Grigg. (See p344 3rd column, top linked here)
1908 - listed at 613 Wellington Street, again under Ernest Grigg. (See p379, last column, midway linked here)
1909-1912 - listed at 623 Wellington Street. (See 1909: 2nd column linked here; 1910: 2nd column here; 1911: 2nd last column here; and 1912: 1st column here.)  
1910 - The last advertisement (an Employee Wanted type of ad) appears for Ernest Grigg, WA Carriage Works, on Wednesday, 16 March 1910. (See 2nd last column linked here)
1913-1916 - not listed.

Interesting facts:
Mr Grigg also owned the Rockingham Hotel for several years.
See here for marriage of Mr G E Grigg.