From Hooves to Highways

H. Dyer, Esq

H. Dyer, Esq.jpg


Henry Clulow Stanley ‘Harry’ Dyer was born in 1880 in Perth. Educated at High (Hale) School, he was a fine cricketer and competitive yachtsman, and a well-known member of Royal Perth Yacht Club. He was a member of the South Perth Rifle Club, the WA Turf Club, and a founding member of the Automobile Club of Western Australia.

He grew up with his brother, Alfred, usually by his side. They had sailed on his yacht Momo through India and the Far East in 1903, but Alfred sickened with a fever and died on the return journey, or his name would also be amongst the Club’s founding members.

On Valentine’s Day 1906, Harry married Ada Smith (23) and they lived on the river in South Perth, in a home that remained in the family until 2004. Two children were born: Alfred, named for his beloved brother, stillborn in 1909; Clement, born in 1910.

On Saturday 26 August 1911 Harry was in the peak of good health but, in an incredible stroke of ill fate, he suddenly fell ill. Despite the best medical attention, he died in the early hours of Monday morning, aged 31.

Ada remarried in 1924 to Francis Trigg, and died aged 86 in 1969.

When What Where

Harry’s chauffeur, with driving goggles, is in Harry’s 1906 Humber, most likely in 1907. The location is impossible to identify from this image, but an original shows it was taken in what looks like a laneway.