From Hooves to Highways

Dentist Cairns-Hill

Dentist Cairns-Hill.jpg

Francis and Bertha Cairns-Hill with their two oldest children, Thelma (3) and Frank (2) in Fraser Avenue, Kings Park, 1907. After just a year’s use Francis sold this 1904 Darracq in December 1907 for £275 (around $40,000 today). Young Frank, in the front seat, died in 1911, aged six.

On 6 March 2019 we had a lovely visit from Mrs Robin Roe, Frank Cairns-Hill’s granddaughter. She told us her grandfather's practice was in Barrack Street, opposite Perth Town Hall, and that he won a Tatts lottery in the early 1900s, part of the proceeds from which he bought this beautiful Darracq!

She remarked that her mother, Thelma (3), was not looking too happy about being in the back, “perhaps because she was the oldest, and wanted to sit in the front!”

Surprised we knew young Frank had died in 1911, she then clarified he died from meningitis which, back then, was likely as a result of measles, poor lad.

Her grandmother Bertha, she said, once tried to drive the car, only to end up solidly against the back fence. Perhaps that's why Frank sold this Darracq in December 1907.

The price? £275 (around $40,000 today).